[LeetCode]#637. Average of Levels in Binary Tree

Input: root = [3,9,20,null,15,7]
Output: [3.00000,14.50000,11.00000]
Explanation: The average value of nodes on level 0 is 3, on level 1 is 14.5, and on level 2 is 11.
Hence return [3, 14.5, 11].
  1. Use collections.deque()
  2. check node or not
  3. get the same level node
  4. search next level node
  5. calculate the current level average and add it to answer list
  6. return all levels average
from binarytree import Node
root = Node(3)
# Getting binary tree
print('Binary tree :', root)
import collectionsclass Solution(object):
def averageOfLevels(self, root):
queue = collections.deque()
ans = []
while queue:
size = len(queue)
temp = []
for _ in range(size):
node = queue.popleft()
if not node:
if temp:
ans.append(sum(temp) / float(len(temp)))
return ans

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Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim

Interesting in any computer science.

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