[LeetCode]#2000. Reverse Prefix of Word

  • For example, if word = "abcdefd" and ch = "d", then you should reverse the segment that starts at 0 and ends at 3 (inclusive). The resulting string will be "dcbaefd".
Input: word = "abcdefd", ch = "d"
Output: "dcbaefd"
Explanation: The first occurrence of "d" is at index 3.
Reverse the part of word from 0 to 3 (inclusive), the resulting string is "dcbaefd".
  1. find ch location in word.
  2. Reverse green string
  3. add remaining string
class Solution:
def reversePrefix(self, word, ch):
return word[:i+1][::-1] + word[i+1::]



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