[LeetCode]#1122. Relative Sort Array

Input: arr1 = [2,3,1,3,2,4,6,7,9,2,19], arr2 = [2,1,4,3,9,6]
Output: [2,2,2,1,4,3,3,9,6,7,19]
  1. Use dict function for arr2 to record element. (d1)
  2. Use dict function for arr1 to check whether match arr2 or not. Record the number. (d2)
  3. Check mismatch element.
  4. Sort d2 based on d1 order and add mismatch.
class Solution:
def relativeSortArray(self, arr1, arr2):
d1 = {}
for i in arr2:
d1[i] = 1
not_match = []
d2 = {}
for i in arr1:
if i in d1:
d2[i] = d2.setdefault(i,0) + 1
match = []
for i in arr2:
match += [i] * d2[i]
return match + sorted(not_match)



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