Environment: Python 3.8

Key technique: zip, sorted

You are given an array of strings names, and an array heights that consists of distinct positive integers. Both arrays are of length n.

For each index i, names[i] and heights[i] denote the name and height of the ith person.

Return names sorted…



Environment: Python 3.8

Key technique: none

You are given a non-negative floating point number rounded to two decimal places celsius, that denotes the temperature in Celsius.

You should convert Celsius into Kelvin and Fahrenheit and return it as an array ans = [kelvin, fahrenheit].

Return the array ans. Answers within 10-5 of the actual answer will be accepted.

Note that:

  • Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15
  • Fahrenheit = Celsius * 1.80 + 32.00

Example 1:

Input: celsius = 36.50
Output: [309.65000,97.70000]
Explanation: Temperature at 36.50 Celsius converted in Kelvin is 309.65 and converted in Fahrenheit is 97.70.


  1. add it by using formula.


class Solution:
def convertTemperature(self, celsius):
return [celsius+273.15,(celsius * 1.80)+32.00]